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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Beautiful light photography from Germany from LightMark. On their site you’ll find lots of more shots and an insightful ‘making of’ section.

Straddling the fine line between revolutionary and rubbish, this is the Swedish Homemade version of Aliens. I decide if it’s any good, but I do know it made with laugh, especially the aliens getting hit with eggs to make it look as they’re being blown up.

Part 2

I’ve waiting for a while to invest in a gps system. Not because I wanted to wait until the coverage was better, or for the prices to come down, but rather for something as cool as this to come along!

Find out more at KnightRider Online.

You’re probably familiar with his work for the latest Sony Ericsson Spot here:

But the rest of Sebastien’s portfolio is outstanding and well worth a look.

A high concept video that predates most high concept videos. You have characters in costume, props, and performers who don’t really even perform the song. Amazing.

A jaw dropping video by hit makers Hall and Oates and although it looks like a one take wonder, I fear there was actual planning involved.

Here are the very funny WTF’s found by MyBlogcanbeatupyourBlog:

“00:05 – green screen shot of abandoned house and camera pulls out. Perhaps the empty house is a metaphor to tell us that “She’s Gone”????

00:25 – Hall has his Bowie look and Oates is costumed as the future Ted “Million Dollar Man” Dibiase. They are on the set of some local cable talk show.

1:00 – 1st guest appearance with amazing strut.

1:05- 2nd guest appearance. What does Hall toss in the air? I cant tell either. Oates forgets to do this and can’t grab his paper off the table quick enough so just heads into verse 2.

1:35 – Hall is so cool that he decides to blow off his lines and just looked cool with his cigarette. Huh?

1:58 – Close up of table to show us what they’ve been throwing in the air. Oh, monopoly money.

2:45 – Oates makes his move. PENGUIN GUITAR SOLO.

3:10 -Hall forgets his lines again.

3:28 – Zoom in to devil who hasn’t replaced her like the song said but has replaced Hall in his chair. and SCENE”.

Thanks to myblogcanbeatupyourblog for the find.

Simple and stylish magnetic calendar from Dorogaya which would look exquisite in any home, until someone slams the fridge door and they all fall off causing chaos.

Stunning portfolio of work by Anthony Furlong brought to my attention via the essential His style shifts and changes with ease, while still remaining consistently excellent. As well as great graphics, there are also videos of his work brought to life through slick and stylish animations for clients such as Diesel, Sundance and Starbucks.

I love the style of DURKL, their bright 80s style colours are always a pleasure and these new Stampd LA custom sneakers are no different. There’s also loads of cool t-shirts and stuff on their site which is worth a look. The shoe will be selling through their online store as well as very soon.