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A high concept video that predates most high concept videos. You have characters in costume, props, and performers who don’t really even perform the song. Amazing.

A jaw dropping video by hit makers Hall and Oates and although it looks like a one take wonder, I fear there was actual planning involved.

Here are the very funny WTF’s found by MyBlogcanbeatupyourBlog:

“00:05 – green screen shot of abandoned house and camera pulls out. Perhaps the empty house is a metaphor to tell us that “She’s Gone”????

00:25 – Hall has his Bowie look and Oates is costumed as the future Ted “Million Dollar Man” Dibiase. They are on the set of some local cable talk show.

1:00 – 1st guest appearance with amazing strut.

1:05- 2nd guest appearance. What does Hall toss in the air? I cant tell either. Oates forgets to do this and can’t grab his paper off the table quick enough so just heads into verse 2.

1:35 – Hall is so cool that he decides to blow off his lines and just looked cool with his cigarette. Huh?

1:58 – Close up of table to show us what they’ve been throwing in the air. Oh, monopoly money.

2:45 – Oates makes his move. PENGUIN GUITAR SOLO.

3:10 -Hall forgets his lines again.

3:28 – Zoom in to devil who hasn’t replaced her like the song said but has replaced Hall in his chair. and SCENE”.

Thanks to myblogcanbeatupyourblog for the find.


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