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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Still one of my favourite ads and I love the soundtrack.

From the guys who brought you Bacon Salt (what the f*ck is that?) there’s now Baconnaise, a bacon-flavored spread aka Heart Failure in a jar. The people of Seattle will get the chance to trade in their jars of mayonnaise for this heart attacked indusing Baconnaise this Thursday, at Baconnaise’s Mayonnaise Wrestling Match, during which participants will wrestle in a ring filled with 200 gallons of mayonnaise.

It all sounds pretty dirty and delicious to me.

I love this chunky typeface used on these MTV stings from Japan created by W+K Tokyo Lab.

[via TypeNeu]

Beautiful limited edition packaging by Jacques Chassaing and Markus Thaler for the new Adidas aZX’s.

[Via Sneakernews]

Send an audio postcard to a friend and make their day. Very user friendly way to send a nice gesture…what more do you want?

The literal version…

In case of a fire, perform a Hadouken.” Or, “How the Swiss impose survival of the fittest.”

[via Hello Bauldoff]

Vault 49 have always been excellent and now they have added ‘Vault 48’. Not sure what that is, but their work is always absorbing, innovative and most importantly, always one step ahead.