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I’ll leave it up to the manufacturers to explain what the Peri Peri Keychain is:

Most of people has been experienced when open a box, peeling like Periperi….It is not big deal, but we can not miss it. Now is time to have Wonderful Peri Peri Toy, you can choose colors from 4 and ball chain will give you free to go anywhere you want. No more wasting time. Enjoy your life forever!!”

The Peri Peri Keychain from Bandai retails for $10 and come complete with a range of sound effects. But the fun doesn’t stop there as Bandai also has a Puti Puti variant, that simulates popping bubble wrap.

And if that wasn’t all wierd enough, there’s this advert which is….well, see for yourself. Also, Why is everyone crying?

[via Strapya]


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