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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Stumbled across this great site which showcases, as the names suggests, interesting title sequences and end credits from films. There’s the ones we all know like the very stylish ‘Catch me if you can’ opening, as well as a few that you may missed.

Not only does it have thumbnailed images, but you can watch the sequences too.

Kung Fu Panda


Thank You for Smoking

Incredibles Credits

I’ll leave it up to the manufacturers to explain what the Peri Peri Keychain is:

Most of people has been experienced when open a box, peeling like Periperi….It is not big deal, but we can not miss it. Now is time to have Wonderful Peri Peri Toy, you can choose colors from 4 and ball chain will give you free to go anywhere you want. No more wasting time. Enjoy your life forever!!”

The Peri Peri Keychain from Bandai retails for $10 and come complete with a range of sound effects. But the fun doesn’t stop there as Bandai also has a Puti Puti variant, that simulates popping bubble wrap.

And if that wasn’t all wierd enough, there’s this advert which is….well, see for yourself. Also, Why is everyone crying?

[via Strapya]

This would be an excellent addition to any garden.