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Monthly Archives: November 2008

13 New drawings from Banksy.

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Great new fingerboarding app for the iPhone.



Sneaky, sneaky.

The most interesting thing caught on a police car camera in Edmonton for ages.

In need of some cool new music? Why not enlist the help of DJs Dan Lywood and Ben Bridgewater, who have played at events including the Temperley fashion show and Pharrell Williams’s party in Paris, and many a night at Bungalow 8 and Boujis.

Hand over an iPod and they’ll upload a range of tracks to suit your taste. Or request playlists for a party and they’ll act as absent DJs, compiling the perfect mix based on the space and crowd. The duo is soon to launch an online member’s club providing monthly playlists to movers and shakers around the world.

Find out more at Playlister.

[via Daily Candy]

With a nod to the era of 8-bit computer graphics, the face of this cool pixelated watch is shaped like a computer icon and is made of an ABS and stainless steel body with a polyurethane band.

[via funshop]

Festive new packaging from Coke.

Why did I choose Coke Bomb instead of Coke Bauble? (answer below)

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