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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Liu jianhua’s first solo show ‘dream in conflict’ at galleria continua in San gimignano ~ includes dice and poker chips stacked in the outline of Shanghai!

“Noteboek”, great little animation by Evelien Lohbeck, who recently graduated from the Arts Academy in Breda, Netherlands and won the prize for best NOFF-film 2008 a the Netherlands Film Festival.

[via Viacom]

The Minu Tuner is a Clock, not a radio. It uses the line indicator as the minutes display and the big numbers for hours. As time goes on, the line indicator will move forwards. Designed by Antrepo Design.

It’s that time of year when you choose your calendar. It’s got to be good as you’ll have it with you for the next 12 months, so here are a selection of some of the best out there.

The most unusual knitted creations including a Ferrari, breakfast and even a discected frog !?!

A pretty remarkable Flickr Set of pictures of an empty London which were inspired by that famous Waterloo bridge scene in 28 Days
You can read about how it was done on the photographer’s blog

Big Picture’s 2008 Year in Photographs. As you’d expect it’s magnificent.

Stussy gets together with Kuumba to created the Fragrance Air Freshener “World Tribe”. Kuumba is known for their production of scents and incense sticks and we have seen many collaborations with the brand over the years. This time the freshener comes in the form of a spray and will be released in Japan at the end of December.

[via high snobiety]