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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Although there are lots of credible reasons to use the amazing technology in Augmented Reality, this is a little more…….

The Japanese Geisha Tokyo by AR is that comes with two cubes, one the girl appears on, and the one you poke/gift/etc her with.


I’m very hungry for this Number One Value Meal wallet from Vox Humana. Order one to go for yourself from the superb Karmaloop.

The picture says it all. To read more visit Sneaker Freaker here.



There are loads of wierd USB drives out there bt these USB Sushi drives have to be the most interesting I’ve xome across. I love that fact that there’s a whole set or menu to choose form including a small bottle of Saki!

Really great work from the wonderfully named Kiki Ka Popo aka Lydia Lipinski. Clients include BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound and Channel 4, but my favourite work is the stuuf created for the Geisha Bar & Restaurant. Check out work here.


When the alarm clock goes off, you need to disconnect the live wire to prevent detonation and just keep you on your toes, the wire disconnection sequence changes every morning.

Pick one up from Strapya.


Cesar Kuriyama, a New York animator and lighting technical director. Cesar has put 45,000 photographs taken with a Nikon D200 DSLR camera together to create a 4:15 music video for the band Fat City Reprise. Cesar took about 14 months and about $3000 to make the video.

[via LikeCool]