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The Nike Clot Air Force 1 pays tribute to the themes of luck, happiness and prosperity — as represented by the color red — which prevail during traditional Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Special features of the Nike Clot Air Force 1 include:
• an upper-shoe made from red Clot Royale Deluxe Silk, the most recognizable Chinese-made textile, with embroidered trademark Clot graphics inspired by thousand-year-old Chinese prints;
• the red upper-shoe top layer can actually be peeled, burned or torn off to reveal a bottom layer made from dark brown leather. Clot’s trademark Chinese-print graphics, as embroidered onto the silk upper layer, are lasered onto this durable leather layer;
• a sockliner inspired by traditional green-and-white paper;
• contrasting black colorway, with a matte-black leather details and black shoelaces.


One Comment

  1. straight up…that “peel away” concept is ill. i don’t think I’ve every heard anything like that. you UNWRAP the shoe and have a whole new shoe! WTF.

    -gunner of urbantakeout

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