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The Pantone Color Institute has just published a report on the top colors for fall 2009 as described by designers showing at New York fashion week. These shades (pictured above, left to right, top to bottom) are “a direct outcome of what’s happening in the world around us,” says Pantone’s executive director. Maybe so. Notably absent: cash green.

1. Iron (Pantone 18-1306): Percentage of designers who used this color, 16.5

2. Purple Heart (Pantone 18-3520): 15.6

3. Majolica Blue (Pantone 19-4125): 12.8

4. American Beauty (Pantone 19-1759): 11.9

5. Honey Yellow (Pantone 16-1143): 10.1

6. Rapture Rose (Pantone 17-1929): 9.2

7. Burnt Sienna (Pantone 17-1544): 8.2

8. Warm Olive (Pantone 15-0646): 7.3

9. Nomad (Pantone 16-1212): 5.6

10. Creme Brulee (Pantone 13-1006): 2.8

Download the report from Pantone here.


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