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Monthly Archives: February 2009





Paintings of flying debris and other interesting large-scale work by Adam Cvijanovic.

[via boooooooom]

A simple but straight to the point this graphic is by Dan Meth.

[via Modern Metropolis]

A few days ago Kanye West unofficially released this killer datamosh masterpiece for “Welcome To Heartbreak”, directed by Nabil Elderkin using this cool new technique called Datamoshing. 

Last week Chairlift released this Ray Tintori (Court 13) vid for their track “Evident Utensil”which continues the trend. Read more over at Shape or Colour.

Now this might seem new and cool, but I’ve been getting this on my TV at home for ages. I think if Kanye gets a new aerial to give him a better signal he’ll be sorted.

[via Shape or Colour]


Great t-shirt by Chow Hon Lam, aka Flying Mouse. Check it out over at threadless, it is still pending approval hopefully it gets through and is made in to a t-shirt.

[via Why Me?]

I’m not really a big Star Wars fan, but as far as Boombox modifications go, this is pretty well done.

[via LikeCool]

I love these, so simple, yet so effective. All hand-printed from a little factory on the wrong side of the tracks in Brooklyn, the hoodies run $50 to $60 a pop and can be ordered online. They’ve also got a full gallery of various ways to wear your hoody that will deliver a few double-takes from everyone around. 

[via Josh Spear]

The Slicer works like any normal sled that is placed on a slope that is covered with snow or ice. But to slide down grass covered slopes, just the opposite is done: instead of putting the Slicer on the snow or ice, ice is put on the bottom of it.

Although the sand man is irritating, these guys have remained long in the memory for their sheer audacity at creating and trying to sell what is a  modern day equivalent of The Emperor’s New Clothes. The Arm Revolution: Bland and ugly cufflinks for nearly £500 a pair.

Now not only is that absurd enough, but they have this video on their website which is a budget 3 minute version of Mission Impossible, complete with over dramatization, really bad acting and no plot or storyline.