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John “The McCainiac” McCain faces Barak “The Terrorist Fist Jabber” Obama in the main event, followed by various pairings of all your favorites from the political limelight. A NIGHT OF BROKEN DREAMS AND FRACTURED HIPS is typeset, inked and pulled by hand. Letterpress printed in red ink on kraft cardstock. This giant 30×42″ print is available for a limited time only. Also check out PANDEMONIUM ON THE POTOMAC – Vice Presidential Main Event…

Cage match, grudge match, intercontinental tag team match, Texas death match, my favorite – double tag team shaved head match, 6 man battle royal pits the Snake Charmers (Henry Kissenger, Bill Clinton and Ralph Nader against the Beltway Windbags (Sean Hannity, James Carville, Rush Limbaugh).

The Players:
John “The McCainiac” McCain
Barack “The Terrorist Fist Jabber” Obama
Al “The Hanging Chad” Gore
Dick “The Heart Attack Kid” Cheney
Vladimir Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin
Hillary “The Crusher” Clinton
George “The Decider” Bush
Don “The Neo-Con Crippler” Rumsfield
Hugo “The Devil Smeller” Chavez
Arnold “The Republicanator” Schwarzenegger
Howard “On You Like The Clap” Dean
Mitt “The Shit” Romney
Condi “Secretary of Straight” Rice
Cindi “Mrs. Buffalo Chip” McCain
Michelle “Tell It To Yo’ Mama” Obama
Nancy “The Dribbler” Pelosi
Henry “Puppet Master” Kissinger
Bill “The Postman” Clinton
Ralph “I’ll Stomp Your Balls” Nader

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