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To celebrate the iconic Pantone color chips, the Basheer Graphic Book agency has built a Pantone Rainbow spanning 8 meters and made of 5,000 colours.

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Great soundtrack and beautifully shot.

[Nike Skateboarding]

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See more retro masterpieces here.

Wonderfully graphic and vibrant photography.

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We’re not surprised it happens, but there’s something satisfying about naming and shaming those lazy ‘creatives’ who should spend less time watching youtube and more time doing what their paid for. The clue is in the job title guys.

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Some of the best sites include:


We Thought You Wouldn’t Notice



One of the most recent and particularly gauling examples comes via a recent article in Creative Review highlighting the shocking copycat antics of German Agency DSG who created a film to mark the 50th anniversary of the Olympus PEN camera, which bears and uncanny resemblence to Takeuchi Taijin’s Wolf and Pig film. See for yourself below.

Painful and VERY embarrasing.

More Post-It note shenanigans.

Great new print and poster campaign for Ben & Jerry’s making use of psychedelic typography and headlines which although they aren’t my bag baby, they still look great in the art style installations.

[via Magenta Links]






Julien De Repentigny aka Visual Advice produces stunning 3D typographical pieces for exhibitions, adverts, photography and more. See more of his stunning creations here.