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Category Archives: Animation

Love this website, submit your own Sleeveface and you could be included in a book being produced by the creators.

More Post-It note shenanigans.





Gianluca is a 23 year old artist/illustrator from Argentina, based in London. He has already worked with MTV, Nike, Motorola, VH1 and Cartoon Network. He is inspired by Japanese animation and comic books that also triggered his ’illustration-design rollercoaster,’ and his pieces are beautifully crafted and extremely detailed.

The OFFICIAL high def version of Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth’s brilliant advert for HP – D&AD Student Awards brief set by HP – “Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.”

Murakami’s collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton are one of the most lauded (and profitable) team ups in fashion history. Continuing in the vein of “Superflat Monogram”, Murakami’s latest Vuitton-athon “Superflat First Love” celebrates his six years working with the house.

Directed by Anime-master Mamoru Hosoda, it delivers everything you want it to: giant teddy bear animal things, space flight, giggling open-mouth Anime girls, and a time portal located inside a LV trunk.

[via Shape & Colour]