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Category Archives: Animation

These are the sort of ‘short films’ I actually like as they’re short and not too self indulgent, just well observed and quite fun:

How do I get this out of my head?

Devilfish has made an interactive music promo for musician Julian Perretta‘s track Ride My Star in which you, the viewer, can watch yourself, filmed by your computer’s webcam, “holding” the 3d pop-up style animation in your hands…

Read more at CRBlog…

They put their website on YouTube. Very clever, wish I’d done it.

The beautiful Art direction & Design of Oscar Marchal.

Amazing shortfilm from shot with a stills camera in the ceiling.  There’s lots of making of-stuff on the website. Directed by Tomas Mankovsky and music composed by Keith Kenniff.

New work and website from the vibrant Brand Nu.