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Julien De Repentigny aka Visual Advice produces stunning 3D typographical pieces for exhibitions, adverts, photography and more. See more of his stunning creations here.

Dushi – “supersized stuffed animals” The solo show of Florentijn Hofman at Galerie West in The Hague.

BoKlok, housing by Ikea, focuses on things like low cost, small sizes, natural surroundings and safety.

Designed by fusca design.

[via Likecool]

Tetris Pots designed by French product Stephanie Choplin. At least you’ll know that they’ll go together.

Disturb Me by The Popcorn Makers is a very cool screen projection that is almost as cool as the people featured in it. Almost.

Picture 2

70s Danish Interior Design Porno Style.


I really like these, does that make me a nerd / loser? Probably.