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Wu Tang Album Covers redesigned in a Blue Note style by Logan Walters.

Picture 2

Great soundtrack and beautifully shot.

[Nike Skateboarding]

Nice idea, shame he’s a bit of a ****.

Picture 1

Picture 10

Picture 9

Picture 3

See more retro masterpieces here.

The best pie chart I’ve ever seen.

Love this website, submit your own Sleeveface and you could be included in a book being produced by the creators.

Old school meets new school with «REW! It’s a cool homage to the old Walkman era, when it was all about the cassette. These days things are better, except for those dangling earphone wires.

No problem — «REW is here to wrangle those pesky cords and spool them in style. It’s packed on a handsome peggable blister and comes two ways – Pink, Red, & Blue Assorted or Red ONLY, for you e-tailers and catalogers.