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Da Chip ~ The music of Daft punk revisited on vintage game systems.


Some are surprisingly good, some are pretty awful, but either way it’s a bit of free downloadable fun to brighten up your day.

“Hip Hop Tapes” gallery-wrapped canvas.

“Super Oldies Side Table” faux-imagery on canvas encased in poly resin.

“Smooth Sounds of Easy Listening” gallery-wrapped canvas

Picture 1

“Wooden Amplifier”, open edition, heat transfer on wood.

Fantastic music art from Bughouse including Scratch DJ Coffee Table, a Super Oldies Side Table, and these amazing canvas’s of classic hits.

The latest short by Terri Timely titled Synesthesia“A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.”

What ever you say, I like it because it’s utterly bonkers…..the cat is my favourite bit.

How do I get this out of my head?

Devilfish has made an interactive music promo for musician Julian Perretta‘s track Ride My Star in which you, the viewer, can watch yourself, filmed by your computer’s webcam, “holding” the 3d pop-up style animation in your hands…

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