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Category Archives: Typography

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Fresh, modern with just a drizzle of 80’s: 12×2.




Picture 1

See more at his Behance Portfolio.

Right, take the whole text of Romeo & Juliet, separate out every word said in passion into one pile, everything said in rage in another, and then a final group that wasn’t passion or rage. Finally arrange them lovingly in three collages, and what do you have? The latest piece of mastery from Sam Winston.

[via ItsNiceThat]

I really like thes fun Places of Places signs by Hans-Ruedi. Once you get a sign, he kindly asks you to take a picture of the sign so he can put it on his site. This gives the project a slightly voyeuristic element, allowing you to see where his art ends up.

I know a few people who’ll be getting some of these as house warming gifts!

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Art Directing the mundane.

Great new print and poster campaign for Ben & Jerry’s making use of psychedelic typography and headlines which although they aren’t my bag baby, they still look great in the art style installations.

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Julien De Repentigny aka Visual Advice produces stunning 3D typographical pieces for exhibitions, adverts, photography and more. See more of his stunning creations here.





Gianluca is a 23 year old artist/illustrator from Argentina, based in London. He has already worked with MTV, Nike, Motorola, VH1 and Cartoon Network. He is inspired by Japanese animation and comic books that also triggered his ’illustration-design rollercoaster,’ and his pieces are beautifully crafted and extremely detailed.