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If it’s old fashioned and entertaining, it’s at Martin Klasch. A veritable treasure trove of vintage goodness!

Definitely gets you in the mood for a bit of bucket and spade action over the coming months.

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We’ve all sent stuff we shouldn’t, but not even I can beat stuff like this:

“…and then I told her I was too drunk. She started to cry, and told me this always happens to her and that she thinks shes ugly. I pretended I was asleep and then she farted”.

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Breakfast Cake



A disgustingly delicious website that showcases the very best and worst in heart cloggingly fat food. Aparently they’ve just got a book deal, one of msny handed out to these quick hit reader generated blogs which are given as examples in this interesting article in the NY Times.

It seems Google Street View is already old technology, check out YellowBird.

[via FFF]

This sums up thepointlessness of Twitter. Too people being deluded enough to think that anyone might care about what they’re up to. Whatever they claim to be doing, they’re really sat in front of a computer or playing with their phone not doing anything, work and having a life included. How interesting is that? Not very.

A pretty nifty Desktop Fireworks App, by Saqoosha, a Japanese Flash developer.  If you have a webccam, you can try it yourslef provided you have Flash Player 9, and a webcam. Here’s the translated guide and a video.

For a better quality video, click here for the Vimeo link.

Scans of sandwiches for education and delight“. They appear almost art-like suspended in time.