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Monthly Archives: November 2007

I’ve just been into these grotto of e-numbers and artificial colours and it was great. I’m stocked up now with Nintendo MintsNerds and Duff for Xmas and expect to spend it off my tits on sugar.

Not everyone likes Christmas, but even the grumpiest old sod will raise a smile at these fantastically offensive offerings from Scribbler.

A modern take on the classic Stained Glass Window by Gerhard Richter. See the jaw dropping Flickr set here.

Nice to see the hand make the clock do the work for a change. Another victory for the Overworked Clock Hands Union.

A fascinating and very in-depth article on the self referential antics of Pixar in their movies. I loved it as I’ve seen these movies 100’s of times as they’re on a loop at home as my son loves them.

SpeakerDog’. I wont say anymore as it’ll ruin the surprise, but check it out you wont regret it.

Where has this guy been hiding? Someone of this talent surely deserves international recognition or at least a national holiday named after them. An exceptional portfolio, the best of the year for sure.

This is what happens when a innocent robe is taken advantage of by a cheeky blanket in a one night stand. The deliciously comfy ‘Slanket’.