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Category Archives: WTF

1) Print out a picture of Ross Kemp

2) Fold his face

3) Scan it and Email it

WHy not do your very on Kempfold.

You can find out more here as the video is pretty sketchy.

Beautiful and bizzare hanging installations of stuffed animals and fruit suspended in mid-air in geometric patterens by Claire Morgan.

The Saikyō Senritsu Meikyū (”Ultimate Horror Maze”) — a 900-meter-long zombie-infested labyrinth at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park — is billed as the world’s longest and scariest house of horror and is somewhere that I would love and yet hate to go to.

German sportsman Dirk Auer races down a huge 2,800-Foot roller coaster at Stuttgart theme park. But then, what would you expect from a guy who holds the world’s inline skating speed record, being dragged by a Porsche GT2?

Picture 2

The worst ever website to exist on the internet…..ever*.

I’m not sure what’s quite going on but I love it all the same! Apparently the ‘Panteater’ is a mutated creature who has fed for too long on the evil pesticide-ridden pants now prolific in the Western world.

A refreshingly lateral and entertaining viral campaign from Leo Burnett that leaves me confused, a little violated, but longing for more!

Find out more at PantsToPoverty.

Does it get much better than this?